Junk Pickup

Putting Your Junk to Work

At We Get It, we set our ourselves apart from the competition by giving back through what we take away. Never dismissing used personal items as useless trash, we work to give your “junk” a new purpose while giving back to our community. Do your part for the environment and your neighbors by choosing We Get It for all of your junk removal needs. We Get It is the region’s most eco-friendly junk removal service. Why? Our three-step process ensures that almost every item we pick up stays out of the local landfill. Part with your stuff while being part of the fight to protect the planet by scheduling your next donation pickup with us.

Our Unique Approach to Junk Removal

Finding a place for almost everything and anything, our junk removal experts work to keep all we can out of our local landfill. Through donations, reselling, and giveaways, our mission is to give back in every way we can. Want to do more than just clear out your closets? Here’s how you can help us give back:

  • Give us a call or fill out our convenient online form.
  • Text us pictures of what you need picked up. After speaking with an associate, and getting instructions, you’ll text pics to 510-570-4100.
  • We’ll give you a price estimate based on the size and number of items and whether we can donate, resell, or they are reusable at all.
  • We’ll schedule a time and date for pickup, show up in a reliable and safe moving van operated by moving professionals, and quickly and efficiently haul away your items.
  • After a full quality assessment, we exhaust every effort to repurpose all we can. We’ll donate, give away or resell most of what we pick up, making the landfill the last possible option.